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Business is Partnerships.....

Whether dealing with our customers or our suppliers, Amtec aim to work toward partnerships that engender mutual respect and understanding of both needs and processes. In doing this we can understand both the strengths and weaknesses of each party involved and work toward our combined goals in a way that ensures potential problems are identified at the start, not at a critical stage in the provision of a given solution.

We carefully select our supplier partners to best deliver your needs for performance, resilience and scalability. The manufactures that we work in partnership with reflect the latest in technology and development. We will continue to expand our partnerships to meet the future evolution of your business requirements.

Amtec currently deliver the following Partners solutions to you: -  Oracle / SUN, IBM, Fujitsu Siemens Primepower Computers,  DELL, HP and Symantec.

Total Quality Management.....

From the formation of Amtec in 1992, our aim has been to provide excellent value, quality product and service.
To assist in developing and improving the quality of the products and services to our customers we continue to review, monitor and implement standards against BS EN ISO9001: 2000.
This standard is focussed to the needs of each individual customer and provides an assurance of quality and satisfaction.

The Amtec promise:
  •     To provide the ideal product
  •     To meet YOUR specification
  •     To deliver on time
  •     To give excellent after-sales support
  •     To offer the most competitive prices in the industry
Our quality management structure encompasses a team of dedicated professional technicians who have the comprehensive knowledge and experience to meet all your needs.
IBM, HP, Fujitsu, Dell, Oracle