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Green Policy


Amtec's goal is to extend the life of every system or device our customers use. In doing so we expect to both improve our customers  return on investment and at the same time reduce the impact of new manufacturing on the environment.

We encourage our customers to extend the useful life of there IT equipment by ensuring the availability of spares, replacements and support services many years beyond the manufacturers own provision.  We deliver Next Day and 24x7x365 Support Services across current, end of life and legacy systems.  The legacy systems often exceed the manufacturers Support coverage by 10 years or more.

Our customers have access to full lifecycle management services through Amtec. At the same time as offering a convenient source for decommissioning and disposal of end of use equipment we also generate a continuous replacement of end of life and legacy spares and parts within our own stocks.

Amtec ensure that almost nothing is thrown away.  All working parts received are stocked for future Customer Purchases and spares provision to our Support Services team.  Faulty items are recycled in accordance with WEEE.

Our aim is to minimise our Customers impact on the environment which includes addressing our own usage.  We undertake paper, plastics and cardboard recycling on top of the WEEE compliant disposal of all our electronic equipment.  

We have extended our policy further by installing Solar Photo Voltaic panels for energy generation at our Bournemouth office in December 2011.  If  this successfully delivers the benefits we expect, then we intend to extend this program further.

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