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Environmental Policy

We are committed to meeting and where possible exceeding environmental regulations concerning the way in which we carry out our business.

As a company we are always looking at ways in which to improve our performance in dealing with environmental issues.

Ensuring that Amtec staff are made aware of the need to use materials which have or can be re-cycled, and that processes for manufacture and transport are of an economical nature.

All power is monitored and where possible switched off at the end of the working day to ensure there is no waste.

We continue to aim towards a paperless office environment, thorough the use of electronic solutions for data management, invoicing, internal communications and customer records.


Staff are trained to recognise the importance of how to deal with the waste generated in their own areas by separating into different categories, e.g. office paper for pulping. 

Harmful Emissions

Amtec does not produce any harmful gases in its business processes. The emissions from the heating system are kept to a minimum by maintaining the system using a Corgi registered engineer and by employing area thermostats / TRV to avoid unnecessary excess use of the heating system.

Power Usage

To ensure energy is used efficiently, all electricity and gas equipment is controlled by either an electronic timed system or manually by staff, this is then checked at the end of the working day.

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