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Recycle, recycle, recycle.....

It is Amtec's aim to recycle as much waste as is possible from within our company, for example the waste paper from our offices is collected via paper recycle bins and removed from site by “Perrys”  who pulp the paper for further use.

All office paper is shredded for confidentiality, prior to collection for pulping and re-use.  Certain materials in use by Amtec are recycled within the company such as packaging.
Other waste like polystyrene/polyurethane, computer components, wooden pallets and general waste, are re-used where possible or removed from site by S.I.T.A. for professional recycling.

We also offer a hardware clearance/disposal facility for customers.  Please follow the link: IT Hardware Clearance/Disposal Facility

IBM, HP, Fujitsu, Dell, Oracle