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Arcvault 48 Support

Published on Tuesday, Apr 8 2014

Our customer logged a Support fault call and advised us that a Tape drive in their Arcvault 48 was indicating that it required cleaning 2-3 times per week.  We were concerned that the Tape drive was likely to fail or at the very least would require significant intervention to keep it functioning.  Our engineer attended site within our Service Level Agreement and found the Tape drive working but agreed there was the likelihood of imminent failure and therefore replaced the drive.  The unit was then tested to ensure that it was working properly.  A follow up call a week later confirmed that the drive was functioning without repeated cleaning.  The faulty drive was re-tested in our workshop and deemed to be beyond repair.  It was recycled in accordance with WEEE.

Colin A of Wrexham Borough Council said:
Our “engineer was helpful and thorough and arrived as fast as could be reasonably expected” and I was “happy with the outcome”.

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