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Legacy Server Running Out of Storage Capacity

Published on Wednesday, Apr 8 2020

We have an existing client who is running a legacy SUN Sparc T4-1 (2014) server that was running out of storage as the business grew, so they needed to increase their disk storage capacity in their system.  They had a limited budget and didn’t want to scrap their existing server for a brand new one.  The existing T4-1 server has limits to how many internal disks and they disk size they can take, so we suggested and quoted the client for a refurbished SUN Storage Disk Array which was of the same era as the T4-1.  The client was happy with the pricing and specification of the refurbished Disk Array, giving them the additional storage needed today but also this could be further expanded in the future, as required.  At the same time as quoting for the hardware we also quoted for 2 years Amtec onsite support for the additional Disk Array which they also decided to order.   The client was very happy we provided a future proof solution that allowed them to keep their existing server running and we’d kept the spend under their strict budget.

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