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Solar PV introduced at AMTEC

Published on Friday, Sep 23 2011

We, like many, have been considering the benefits of installing a Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) Array for some time.  We have been steadily reducing our power consumption over the passed 5 years through the introduction of power usage policies and careful management of our lighting requirements.  The next logical step, having reached a plateau on our levels of usage, was to generate our own power.  Tenders were sent to a number of Solar PV providers in the South West and a supplier chosen.  With the minimum of disruption and only two days work on site our new Solar PV array was up and generating clean energy for our use during business hours and for export to the National Grid outside of working hours.  Working for Amtec and the environment 7 days a week, 365 days a year, the solution has a capacity to generate upto 50% of our annual energy requirement.  The results have so far been very impressive and as well as making savings on our electricity bills, we have reduced our carbon foot print by at least 2 tonnes per annum.  Thats close to 50 tonnes over the lifetime of the panels. 
As we continue to review our usage and the performance of our existing system, watch this space for news of future expansions to this and or the introduction of other environmentally beneficial improvements.

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