Amtecgroup is a leading Technology Solutions and Service company based in the UK and trading primarily in the EEA. We focus on Supporting and Supplying our client's IT equipment.

Amtec is a leading IT Technology Service and Solutions company founded in 1992, based in the UK and trading primarily in the EU. We support and supply server, storage and networking equipment from most of the major IT vendors including HP, Dell, IBM, Oracle, Sun, NetApp, Cisco, and more.

Amtec offer response times to suit the customer during working hours, or 24/7, for an extensive list of branded products from the latest releases to legacy equipment. Our support contracts include annual and multi-year options and we can also provide break fixes on a time & materials basis.

We have built a solid reputation as an IT service and solutions company because we meet our customers’ need for a robust IT infrastructure, through responsive and cost-effective IT support and equipment provision.

Our customers are a diverse range of public sector, private, blue chip and charity providers covering may sectors such as finance, software, education, health, telecommunications, transportation, media and sport.

The one thing they all have in common is the need for a flexible, responsive and cost-conscious solution for their day-to-day IT needs.

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